Appliance insurance

Home Emergency Assist could protect your home appliances so if they break you could get them fixed or replaced without the cost.

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What cover can you get?

Most appliance insurance policies include cover for:

  • Mechanical breakdown

  • Parts, labour and call out charges

  • Accidental damage

Each policy will have things it does not cover, like cosmetic damage or electrical white goods over a certain age. Check the policy documents once you have your quotes, to make sure you get the cover you need.

Is it worth the cost?

Work out how much your appliance would cost to replace. If it's less than the cost of an extended warranty, you could be wasting your money.

However, most policies include replacement cover if your appliance cannot be repaired. This could save you money if your appliance is not under the manufacturer's guarantee.

Appliance insurance FAQs

Do I need appliance insurance if I have a manufacturer's warranty?
No, your manufacturer's warranty will cover repairs if your appliance breaks down. Check your purchase documents before you buy appliance insurance.
Does appliance insurance cover call out charges?
Most policies cover call out charges if your appliance can be repaired. However, you should check the insurer's terms to avoid unexpected costs.
How long does a policy last?
Most policies last for 12 months, but you may have the option to take out cover for longer.
Can I get a multi appliance warranty?
Yes, and most insurers give you a discount for insuring several appliances on the same policy.
Does it matter how old my appliance is?
Yes, most policies do not cover appliances that are over 8 years old. This varies between insurers, so check before you take out a policy.

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