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Catherine is the expert on mobile phones and smart tech here at, keeping all our guides bang up to date with the latest handsets and filling our pages with helpful money-saving tips.

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TikTok Skin-fluencer Report

Skin-fluencers are the latest group to join the TikTok famous. But what do we know about them and the content they share?

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These purchases could make you happier, according to science

These purchases could make you happy, according to science. We surveyed 2,560 people to find exactly which purchases have the biggest impact on happiness.

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Social media detox

Mobile experts at reveal how many social media app users are taking a break and hitting delete.

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The FitTok Report from the mobile experts

Mobile users are flocking to TikTok for workout inspo but which workouts re they searching for the most and how many workouts could actually be bad for you?

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TVreboots meta

Best and worst TV reboots according to Twitter

We've seen many TV shows making their return over the years, but how many of these reboots actually worked? We reveal the best and the worst.

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Celebrity TikTok League 2020

As 2020 comes to a close, the broadband experts at have crunched the number to discover how much some of who this years most successful celebrities are on TikTok and who could earn from a sponsored post

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The anatomy of successful apps by (graphic)

Revealed: The anatomy of successful mobile phone apps's mobile experts have conducted a study to reveal the “anatomy” of successful mobile apps.

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Closeup of iPhone showing iOS update

Should you update iOS on your iPhone?

Mobile operating system updates are all well and good but they can also cause problems in terms of bugs and affecting the way your phone works. Should you update iOS on your iPhone? Our guide has the answers.

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Woman looking at latest bill on phone

What to do if you’ve been overcharged by your phone network

Unfortunately, customers are often overcharged for various reasons by companies they have contracts with, and mobile providers are no different. Here's what to do if you’ve been overcharged by your phone network.

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Woman using phone in bed

What is mobile phone radiation?

We often hear about radiation emitted from our mobile phones potentially being detrimental to our health. In this guide, we'll try and answer the questions you might have about mobile phone radiation and whether you need to be worried about it.

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People using phones with different operating systems

Mobile operating systems explained

Mobile operating systems are the wheel on which your smartphone turns - in this guide, we explain what they are and how they work.

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Phone using Android

Android phones and updates explained

Android is Google's operating system - in this guide you'll find out about Android phones and updates since the system was launched in 2007.

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