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Salman Haqqi, Senior Personal Finance Writer

Image of man holding phone with apps pouring out

In-App Spending: The hidden costs of ‘free’ apps

Many apps and games which are free to download make their revenue from a litany of in-app purchases. Money.co.uk has discovered what proportion of ‘free’ apps on the Google Play Store have the potential for hidden costs.

Photo of a woman taking a photo of a cake.

How much could bake-off contestants have made through Instagram?

With The Great British Bake Off returning to our screens this Autumn, the personal finance experts at money.co.uk have investigated how much previous and this year's contestants could earn with their increased social following.

Image of diverse range of students studying

Coronavirus: University Losses

Each year, 1.5 million students come from around the world to study at universities in the UK. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to halt international travel, money.co.uk explores what the loss in overseas student fees may mean for institutions across the country.

Image of Kinder Cars Index header

The Kinder Cars Index | Get around while reducing your impact on the planet

Whether you’re looking for a car that’s leather free or has low emissions, these are the top 50 cars that mindful motorists should consider.

Empty football stadium

Concession Recession: The lost revenue of football stadiums

With the announcement that sports fans will be able to return to their seats later this year, albeit with reduced attendances, money.co.uk took a look at how much franchises are set to lose at the concession stand.

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money.co.uk comments: ONS Household Spending Figures

ONS has released new figures on household spend across the UK, following months of lockdown and social distancing restrictions. Money.co.uk comments on how people can best manage their money during these times.

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Save money on your car insurance with these industry hacks

As drivers get back behind the wheel, these tricks could save you £100’s

Animal crossing on nintendo switch

The make believe mortgage - how much would you have to spend to live in homes from films, TV and games?

If have you ever wondered how much it would cost to own some of tv, film and gaming's most iconic homes then wonder no more. Our new mortgage guide reveals what the cost of owning some of the most recognisable properties in the world would be...

A pink graphic with writing which reads: Shop Now, Stress Later

Shop now, stress later: generation debt trap revealed

Are Buy Now Pay Later services enticing shoppers into a dangerous cycle of unmanageable debt? The consumer spending experts at money.co.uk have investigated consumers' relationships with BNPL services to find out if shoppers are being tempted into taking on unsustainable debt, without fully realising the risk.

Graphic reading Pole Position, ranking the greatest drivers in F1 history

Pole Position: the best drivers in Formula 1 history revealed

From Nino Farino to Lewis Hamilton, car insurance experts crunched the numbers to find the greatest drivers of all time

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money.co.uk | Employment rate at a ten year low

Amid the impact that the Coronavirus has had on the UK economy, the Employment rate is at a ten year low. Money.co.uk has commented on the effect this could have on people's mental health.

Photograph of someone pouring a draught pint of beer.

Spoons Savings: The hidden costs of a pre flight meal

Following the reopening of countries across Europe, almost 7.5 million Brits plan to go on holiday this year. As holiday-makers flock to airports to head off on a long-awaited summer holiday, money.co.uk has looked at the hidden costs associated with travel.