EE broadband deals

EE is one of the UK’s leading mobile networks, but it also provides home broadband. The broadband, TV and mobile offerings of EE might be a good match for your household.

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What do I need to know about EE?

EE is based in Hatfield and operates under the ownership of BT Group, which acquired it in 2016. While EE was founded in 2010, the company has retained many customers from its previous incarnation as rival networks Orange and T-Mobile.

What type of EE broadband packages are available?

Despite being primarily a mobile network, EE offers an array of home broadband options, including several superfast packages. All EE broadband packages come with unlimited data downloads, a smart hub router, free setup and speeds that aren’t subject to traffic management, so performance shouldn’t deteriorate at peak times or after a period of heavy usage. Current broadband options include:

EE Standard Broadband

EE’s standard ADSL broadband package with 10Mbps speeds is ideal for casual users and smaller households who use the internet for nothing more than web browsing, social media and non-HD streaming.

EE Fibre Broadband

Optimal for small families with multiple devices, EE’s 36Mbps fibre offering should support simultaneous standard definition streaming and a house full of Internet of Things devices. 

EE Fibre Plus Broadband

This high-end (speeds of 67Mbps) Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) package caters well to larger families, especially those containing enthusiastic gamers and streamers.

EE Fibre Max 1 Broadband

EE’s fastest (145Mbps) broadband offerings come in two levels. EE Fibre Max 1 is over 14 times faster than its ADSL offering, making it perfect for fans of immersive online gameplay, enthusiastic 4K streamers and larger households.

EE Fibre Max 2 Broadband

Currently EE’s fastest broadband offering with average speeds of 300Mbps, EE Fibre Max 2 should be sufficient for any household activities. In many cases, bandwidth this rapid will be almost unnecessary, but it also delivers upload speeds of 47Mbps, which will be warmly welcomed by people who regularly send large-volume content to the cloud or work with media files.

Is the EE broadband router any good?

The Smart Hub is EE’s most powerful device. It’s twice as powerful as its predecessor, and it’s free to all fibre broadband customers.

More than a mere Wi-Fi device, the EE router doubles as a broadband control panel. By logging into its Hub Manager, customers can see which devices are currently connected and how much data they are using. It’s possible to manage access to the internet by disconnecting specific devices, which is ideal for preventing children remaining online past their bedtime. EE’s Smart Hub has a multifunctional edge on many competitors, equipped with seven antennas, four Ethernet ports and a USB drive for easy file sharing.

What are EE's customer benefits?

EE’s broadband packages come with extra benefits for existing mobile customers. Depending on your broadband service, you can receive an additional 5GB to 20GB of extra data on your mobile plan, provided it’s paid monthly.

EE Broadband call packages

EE allows its broadband deals to be augmented with several call packages:

  • Anytime calls to UK landlines

  • Anytime calls to landlines and mobiles – as above, plus 1,500 minutes to UK mobiles

  • Anytime UK and international calls – as above, plus calls to landlines in 50 selected countries, with a 30 per cent discount on other overseas numbers.

EE landline extras

EE landline options can also be enhanced with its Call Plus package. Competitors price these features separately, but Call Plus bundles a number of calling together into a good-value package:

  • Call divert

  • Block up to ten nuisance numbers

  • Three-way calling

  • Call waiting

  • Reminder calls for a set time, either as a one-off or daily

  • Ring back service

  • Anonymous call rejection.

EE TV and broadband packages

EE offers TV and broadband deals exclusively to pay monthly mobile customers, while Apple TV is an optional extra with broadband package subscriptions. The set top box gives access to BBC iPlayer, All 4 and other streaming services including Netflix. BT Sport can be added for a further fee.

Can I get EE Broadband?

With fibre broadband being so widely available, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to access EE Broadband, but check the provider’s website to be sure. If you don’t fall within its service area, an alternative could be provided by one of the UK’s best mobile networks…

Mobile EE Broadband plans

EE boasts the UK’s biggest mobile network, having inherited the combined T-Mobile and Orange infrastructure. Ofcom’s 2019 Connected Nations report cited its 4G coverage as the best of the UK’s big four mobile networks, covering 84 per cent of the country. 

For rural areas where a decent home broadband connection is hard to obtain, EE’s mobile broadband options can be a great alternative, delivering comparable speeds and reliability to ADSL connections. 

EE Mobile Broadband 4G router

EE’s 4G router lets you enjoy 31Mbps speeds without a landline or a wired connection. The router plugs in easily and generates a 30-metre range, which should be enough to cover most homes. Data can also be boosted with an extra free 5GB, while the connection supports up to 32 devices. There’s even an Ethernet port for hardwiring a games console or PC. 

EE 4G mobile broadband external antenna 

It’s possible to boost mobile broadband coverage even further by adding an optional external antenna to the mobile broadband router, optimising its connectivity to the 4G network. 

EE 5G Mobile Wi-Fi

This pocket Wi-Fi router provides connection to up to 20 devices at a time, providing EE’s 5G mobile network can be accessed. The company claims this pocket router can maintain a reliable connection even in busy locations, while a 4G option is also available for regions not yet enjoying 5G coverage.

Should I become an EE mobile customer if I’m interested in its broadband?

EE reserves some of its best deals for customers who already have EE mobile plans. For those willing to switch mobile providers along with broadband, there’s exclusive access to the EE TV and broadband deal. There are also deals on smart devices (which we cover in more detail below), plus extra data which can be added to your monthly mobile allowance.

Moving house with EE

Setting up broadband when you move house can be stressful, but EE doesn’t charge for this service, so you can take your existing plan with you. Current incentives include receiving a free month of broadband at your new address, and a 50GB data boost for customers with existing EE mobile plans.

EE smart home products

As well as being a mobile network, EE has also branched out into smart home solutions. It offers smart devices from a wide range of manufacturers, including:

  • Hive thermostat

  • Nest thermostat

  • Honeywell thermostat

  • Philips Hue smart light bulbs

  • Ring video doorbell

  • TP-Link devices.

As part of its monthly mobile plan, EE allows customers to spread the cost of these devices across 11 interest-free months.

EE smart speakers

EE also offers smart speakers that work on Wi-Fi connections, including the Apple HomePod. 

EE smart home help

EE offers a year of unlimited smart home help to get your household up and running with any smart devices purchased through the provider.

EE broadband FAQ

Do I need a landline for EE Broadband?

A landline is required for EE home broadband, but it isn’t required for mobile broadband options. If you need a new line to be installed, EE currently charges £50 for this service.

Which countries are covered by EE roaming? 

The company’s standard package covers 48 European countries, from Austria and the Azores to Vatican City. Max plan users will additionally be able to roam in Canada, America and Mexico, plus Australia and New Zealand. 

What customer support does EE offer?

EE’s customer support includes an innovative live video option that lets you share what you’re seeing on-screen with support staff for quicker problem solving. EE also has an online community where customers and customer service representatives can post and share issues at any time of day or night. 

Is EE a good broadband choice?

EE holds its own in the home broadband market, with its highest download speeds beating several providers that offer broadband as a primary service. If you’re already an EE customer, its broadband packages might be a convenient choice, though the best EE broadband deals represent an intriguing option even if you aren’t already integrated into the company’s infrastructure.

Last updated: 2 December 2020