Hyperoptic broadband deals

A newer entry to the broadband market, Hyperoptic was founded in 2011 and has been making a name for itself ever since thanks to its unique offering of gigabit broadband, the fastest speeds currently available.

There are currently no deals available for this provider.

Where does Hyperoptic operate?

Hyperoptic is based in London, and was originally only available in the capital. While it still remains limited in its availability, it has expanded into other major cities including Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham and Sheffield. 

Hyperoptic tends to target residential property developers, meaning its services are often installed in new build apartment developments, rather than being retrofitted into existing estates. You’re most likely to find it in flatted dwellings, where housing density is highest. 

Hyperoptic broadband deals

These are the current Hyperoptic deals available. Because its areas of coverage are so limited, you may not be able to benefit from any of these offers. If you do live in a Hyperoptic-cabled area, their connections provide some of the fastest broadband you’ll find in the UK. 

For simplicity, Hyperoptic’s plans are named after the speeds they offer:

Hyperoptic Fast broadband plan

With many ISPs limited to 65Mbps connectivity by the connections into domestic homes, even Hyperoptic’s most affordable package will be comparable with other services at 50Mbps. This speed will satisfy most household requirements for streaming, gaming and browsing. There is a one-off activation fee with this plan, but the router is free, and so is installation. 

Hyperoptic Superfast broadband plan

Perfect for gamers and avid streamers, 150Mbps superfast speeds can support multiple simultaneous online activities and a number of wireless devices. A router and installation are provided for free, but you will have to pay an activation charge.

If these are the sorts of speeds you have in mind, Virgin Media and BT are among the only other companies offering comparable performance.

Hyperoptic Ultrafast broadband plan

With an average speed of 500Mbps, Ultrafast is as impressive as it sounds, supporting immersive gaming, 4K streaming and anything else you need to do online, on multiple devices. Again, an activation fee is needed, but the router and installation are free.

Hyperoptic Hyperfast broadband plan

The jewel in this ISP’s crown is its 1Gbps offering. These speeds are more than enough to support households of any size, as well as small businesses – your entire household can stream, game and download to their heart’s content. Activation costs will be levied, but routers and installation are free. 

Hyperoptic and phone plans

Hyperoptic offers phone plans that can be added to all plans. These include free evening and weekend calls to UK landlines.

Are Hyperoptic speeds accurate?

Hyperoptic’s speeds are offered as an average figure that 50% of customers can expect to receive during peak times – between early and late evening. Weather and location aren’t taken into consideration, which could potentially affect real-world performance, though the use of underground cabling should ensure reasonably consistent line speeds.

Wired connections = faster internet?

Hyperoptic clearly states that its 1Gbps services are only achievable through a wired connection – a Cat 5e or Cat 6 Ethernet cable. The same performance may not be achievable through WiFi, though it will still be blisteringly fast.

How long are Hyperoptic broadband contracts?

Hyperoptic offers a variety of contract and rolling plans. The former will naturally be more affordable over the course of a year, though both are reasonably priced compared to other ISPs.

At present, all contracts last for 12 months. Customers who opt for a 12-month contract will receive a discount, though prices will then increase after this introductory period ends. Rolling contracts must be terminated with 30 days’ notice. 

Are Hyperoptic price points reasonable?

Hyperoptic’s offerings are competitively priced compared to other broadband providers. As a smaller company with a much smaller service area, this is to be expected.

Switching to Hyperoptic

Moving to Hyperoptic is as easy as any other ISP transfer, though you can actually change before your current contract ends. This is because Hyperoptic uses its own network, so there’s no need to take over any Openreach lines.

If you’ve moved into a new apartment and there’s already a Hyperoptic socket in place, it’s possible to have a connection switched on in as little as 15 minutes. Any working router will suffice – it doesn’t have to be a Hyperoptic model.

Nick Baker, broadband and TV expert at Uswitch, switched to Hyperoptic when he moved home in 2020. This was his experience:

"I knew I would be working from home for the foreseeable future, so I wanted to make sure I had the fastest, most reliable broadband possible when I moved to my new flat. We stream a lot and my housemate teaches online so the more Mbps the better in my opinion. Since we haven’t used a landline since the turn of the century we were also looking for broadband-only deals.

"Hyperoptic were by far the fastest provider available while still being really affordable. Plus, as it’s a full fibre connection, we didn’t have to get a landline that we would pay for and never use. The connection speed is fantastic, but the most impressive thing was the installation. The engineers arrived right on time and were incredibly polite and professional, even though we actually kept them waiting as we picked up our keys. They were quick, cautious and safe while they installed our line and followed up with us later that day to check the activation had been successful."

Nick Baker, Uswitch Broadband Expert

Hyperopic deals

Hyperoptic sometimes runs special deals to entice new customers. In the past, these have included a £50 Amazon gift card, though this deal was not being offered at the time of writing (November 2020). Check the company website for details of current offers and incentives.

Hyperoptic runs a price matching deal which means you will be given the difference in cost of any broadband deal you find that can match Hyperoptic performance. The specifics of this deal are:  

  • The competitor service must equal or better Hyperoptic’s offering, with comparable or superior upload and download speeds.

  • The competitor must quote a lower price than Hyperoptic for this service, including ‘hidden’ costs like set-up, installation, postage and packaging.

  • Gifts and rewards are not included.

  • The service must be available at your address. 

  • You cannot compare a fixed price quote to a rolling contract price quote.

  • You must either be a new customer or have signed up in the last 30 days. 

Hyperoptic broadband for students

Students can benefit from Hyperoptic services, thanks to a long-running deal with StudentBeans. Student broadband is a great choice for university students in shared houses, since hyperfast speeds ensure a Hyperoptic connection will support all devices for work or play.

Hyperoptic compensation

Hyperoptic offers compensation to its customers for certain unwarranted events, including:

  • A delay in activation.

  • Outages or service failings.

  • An engineer doesn’t show up at the agreed time.

Compensation is promoted by Ofcom, which runs the Automatic Compensation Scheme, though the majority of providers aren’t signed up to the agreement.

Refer a friend to Hyperoptic broadband

Hyperoptic runs a referral scheme that lets customers earn £25 worth of credit if a referral leads to a new customer sign up. There are some conditions:

  • The person being referred must purchase a 12-month package.

  • They must click the ‘I was referred’ option when they sign up.

  • They must be an active customer for 30 days before a reward is paid.

What does the Hyperoptic router consist of?

A router is free of charge for all customers who sign up to a broadband plan. It’s manufactured by Nokia, and is only available in the UK through Hyperoptic. Designed to be sleek and wall-mounted, it will usually be installed by an engineer and has four Ethernet ports for hardwired connections. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get Hyperoptic fibre broadband?

If you don’t live in a big city, the answer is probably no. Even if you do live in one of the major cities this provider operates in, you may still not be able to subscribe to its services.

At present Hyperoptic is concentrating on new build developments. Hyperoptic’s coverage map shows its current spread across the UK, though it’s worth noting the grey tabs simply indicate properties that have expressed an interest in its services. 

Are Hyperoptic download speeds and upload speeds the same?

They are, which is unusual among ISPs who normally bias connections in favour of downloads, to maximise the limited bandwidth available on that line. 

Can I keep my number?

Where possible, Hyperoptic will try to keep the same number for your home phone.

Can I get extra call features?

Additional features available for use with your phone service include:

  • Caller display

  • Call waiting

  • Call barring.

Is Hyperoptic broadband unlimited?

Hyperoptic offers unlimited broadband and at the time of writing (November 2020), there is no traffic management policy in place. 

Does Hyperoptic offer business broadband?

Given its rapid connection speeds and focus on urban service areas, it’s perhaps unsurprising that Hyperoptic also provides business broadband. Speeds offered to businesses are the same as Hyperoptic home broadband connections. However, corporate customers can benefit from features like multiple IP addresses, leased lines and a dedicated business team available around the clock.

How can I get in touch with Hyperoptic customer services? 

Hyperoptic customer services can be contacted in the following ways, at any time of day or night:

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Live chat. 

Can I take my Hyperoptic broadband plan with me to a new home?

If you want to keep your broadband when you move home, this is only possible if the new property is also within Hyperoptic’s service area. Given its limited reach, this may not be possible. Cancellation fees will also be levied if you are partway through a 12-month contract. If you’re likely to move house within the next year, it would be advisable to opt for the rolling contract option instead. 

If you’re moving, Hyperoptic asks that you do the following:

  • Let them know, at which point they will provide a home mover pack.

  • Cover your broadband socket with the supplied cover.

  • Leave your router behind, as the next resident is likely to need it.

  • Register your interest in continuing with Hyperoptic if your new address is not within its service area. The more demand that’s registered in a particular area, the more likely Hyperoptic is to start operating there.