Origin broadband deals

Combining affordable broadband deals with a variety of phone packages, Origin is one of the UK’s newer internet service providers (ISPs). As a start-up established in 2011, Origin initially provided broadband to customers in Yorkshire before expanding.

There are currently no deals available for this provider.

Origin broadband deals

Origin broadband services are distributed across the Openreach network, which covers the vast majority of UK dwellings. As of March 2021, its deals include a selection of 12-month and 18-month ADSL and fibre broadband packages. The company also offers anytime calling bundles, as outlined below.

Origin Broadband

Average speed: 11Mbps download, 1Mbps upload

The standard ADSL plan is designed for everyday web browsing and standard definition video streaming. It’s fast enough to support a few domestic devices at once, but it’ll struggle with multiple simultaneous video streams or gaming sessions. 

Origin Superfast Broadband

Average speed: 36Mbps download, 9Mbps upload

Origin’s unlimited fibre plan is capable of supporting several online users at the same time, while the much-improved upload speeds will be welcomed by anyone who regularly backs data up to the cloud or engages in gaming or video calling. 

Origin Max Fibre Broadband

Average speed: 67Mbps download, 17Mbps upload

The ISP’s most powerful broadband package is Origin Max Fibre Broadband, which is approaching the upper end of Fibre to the Cabinet connectivity. It offers plenty of bandwidth for larger households, and can support everything from MMORPG online gaming to 4K video streaming.

All of these packages include a free all-in-one broadband router, while average speeds are comparable to other ISPs using the Openreach network. Each package offers unlimited downloads, without any restrictions like fair usage caps or internet traffic management which could slow down the network. Consequently, speeds should stay consistent at any time of day or night.. 

Origin broadband contracts

Origin contract lengths vary depending on the type of package you choose. Uniquely, this ISP offers a variety of conventional 18-month and pay-upfront 12-month packages: 

Origin pay monthly contracts

Origin’s ADSL and fibre broadband packages come with relatively lengthy 18-month contract periods, Origin claims there are no hidden charges, so you can expect to pay the monthly quoted price for the duration of your contract. 

Origin upfront contracts

One unique feature that sets Origin apart from other ISPs is its upfront payment plans. You can choose to pay your entire 12-month contract in one go, and receive a discount as a result. Although these Origin offers require a large initial outlay, it’s possible to save money in the long run and enjoy uninterrupted broadband service without worrying about monthly bills.

Contract terms and lengths are the same as with the monthly plans; all that differs is the payment method. It’s worth noting that the total price difference between 11Mbps and 36Mbps connections is just £16, with the latter representing far better value if it’s available.

Origin broadband and phone deals

As part of the Openreach network, Origin broadband requires an active phone line. You won’t be able to sign up for broadband-only packages without one, though a phone line can also be installed if needed for a fee. 

The standard line rental package for broadband works on a pay-as-you-go basis, but you can also add a variety of Origin broadband and phone deals: 

Pay-as-you-go Calls

If you don’t really use your landline very often, you can opt for a pay as you go plan. You’ll only be charged for the minutes as you use them, with peak-time calls to landlines and mobiles costing 20 pence per minute, respectively dropping to 13p and 15p off-peak. 

Evening and Weekend Calls

Add unlimited minutes to 01, 02 and 03 UK numbers between 7pm and 7am on weekdays, and between 7pm Friday and 7am Monday. Calls are chargeable after 60 minutes. 

Anytime Calls 

As above, but with unlimited minutes to all 01, 02 and 03 numbers at any time. Calls become chargeable after 60 minutes. 

Anytime Calls plus international minutes

As above, plus 500 international minutes to 36 of the most common destination countries. 

Anytime Calls plus mobile minutes

As per the Anytime Calls package but with 200 minutes of calling time to UK mobile numbers. 

Anytime Calls plus mobile and international minutes

Finally, if you’re on the phone a lot to UK mobile and international destinations, you can opt for a package that combines all the above features. You’ll get unlimited minutes to 01, 02 and 03 numbers, 200 minutes for calls to UK mobile numbers, and 500 minutes to 36 international countries. 

It’s important to note that calls to premium rate numbers aren’t covered under any of these packages, so you’ll be charged at current Origin rates. To get around the charges after 60 minutes have passed, simply hang up and redial. 

Origin call extras

It’s possible to further personalise call packages by adding the following features:

  • Call barring

  • Caller display

  • Anonymous call reject

  • Call diversion.

These features can be added onto your choice of calling plan, while phone line installation may also incur a charge. 

Origin broadband and TV packages

Origin has recently introduced a proprietary TV package, powered by Netgem TV. A lozenge-shaped set top box is 4K compatible, with 135 channels including the likes of Discovery, Sky History, CBS Drama and MTV. This is coupled with 40,000 hours of on-demand content and exclusive sporting coverage including European football, motorsports and tennis. Origin TV also supports some of the main streaming platforms like iPlayer and Amazon Prime Video, though not BritBox, Disney+ or Netflix.

Origin deals and discounts

You won’t find many freebies or extras to speak of, but Origin offers do include a free Asus DSL-N16 router. This will do the job for most households, with four Ethernet ports supporting multiple hardwired connections simultaneously. This is posted out for free, and new customers can expect to be up and running within 14 days without any need for an engineer to come out. 

Origin broadband discounts

Origin broadband packages may come with discounted premiums that apply to a certain time period, usually either six or twelve months, typically applied as credits to your total monthly bill. 

It’s also possible to save money by adopting one of the upfront payment plans mentioned above, saving money over the duration of a contract.

Origin deals for existing customers 

Origin doesn’t offer much in the way of bonuses or perks, but existing customers can benefit from a referral offer. If you’re an existing customer and a friend or family member signs up, both parties will receive a £20 bill credit when the new customer’s second bill is due. 

Origin broadband customer support

Origin’s customer service is one of the provider’s strong suits. Its UK-based team offers 24/7 live chat support, with a call centre open twelve hours a day during the week, from 9 til 6 on Saturdays and bank holidays, and between 10 and 4 on Sundays. There are plenty of help articles on the ISP’s website, while customers can manage their own accounts through a dedicated portal. 

Can I get Origin fibre broadband in my area?

Because Origin runs on the Openreach network, which serves approximately 95 per cent of UK households, it’s very likely to be available in your postcode. A network checker tool will reveal which Openreach services are available locally.

What is the Origin broadband speed in my area?

Origin broadband speeds will vary depending on your location, household size, number of connected devices and distance from the nearest pavement exchange box. The average speeds listed above are a rough guide, but these figures may vary depending on the time of day and how many users are accessing the network. It’s notable that Origin doesn’t use traffic management, which should ensure consistent speeds without any artificial slowdown. 

Should I get Origin Broadband?

The answer is probably yes if you want a straightforward and affordably-priced broadband plan. Origin’s customer service team is based in its home county of Yorkshire, and specialises in friendly, personalised service. This ISP provides a choice of different routers and speeds to keep households of different sizes connected. 

Competitive pricing extends to upfront payment plans, which achieve discounts of up to 30 per cent in some cases. If the idea of paying for your broadband in one go appeals, this could be a good fit. The introduction of TV services alongside broadband and phone packages has further increased its appeal, though the TV package is limited and presently misses out most of the biggest streaming media platforms.