SSE broadband deals

SSE broadband keeps it simple with straightforward packages and cheap deals designed to appeal to both new and existing customers. Perks include unlimited downloads, early access to events at SSE venues, and superfast fibre optic speeds.

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*The average download speed displayed in Mb is the speed available to 50% of customers with this product during peak time (between 8pm and 10pm). The actual speed you will get depends on a variety of factors such as your cabling, your area, how far you are from the telephone exchange as well as time of day. The majority of providers will tell you the speed you will likely receive when you begin your online sign up — this may differ from the average speed displayed on our table.

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SSE Broadband deals

SSE supplies energy, phone and broadband services, so it’s one of very few internet service providers (ISPs) to advertise broadband bundles that may include electricity! SSE is a ‘no frills’ provider, and while it offers phone calling packages, it doesn’t provide TV or entertainment. In fact, SSE primarily sells just two types of fibre optic broadband, having dropped its ADSL service from its advertising – although it is still serving existing ADSL customers, and will continue to supply ADSL broadband to locations unable to access its fibre broadband. 

At time of writing (November 2020), all SSE broadband deals allow unlimited downloads. SSE’s broadband prices, while not always the cheapest, are generally very affordable.

SSE Unlimited broadband

SSE Unlimited broadband is the company’s basic ADSL connection. As mentioned above, the ISP no longer advertises this, except where potential customers live in areas unable to get fibre broadband. Average download speeds vary by postcode – customers who can only get ADSL from SSE are currently quoted an average speed for their area during sign-up, or when they check availability on the SEE website. In general, ADSL services are fine for light internet use in small households. 

SSE Unlimited Fibre broadband

SSE’s entry-level fibre offering provides average speeds of 35Mbps download and 9Mbps upload. This is good for streaming TV, downloading large files and supporting multiple devices online at the same time. It will probably suit most families. 

SSE Unlimited Fibre Plus broadband

With average speeds of 63Mbps for download and 19Mbps upload, the fastest SSE fibre broadband offering is great for customers who want to watch HD or ultra HD content. It can also allow multiple devices to stream content at the same time.

SSE broadband contracts

SSE has a standard broadband contract term of 18 months, unless broadband is purchased as part of a bundle, in which case the deal may end after 12 months. All broadband contracts have a fixed monthly tariff, because SSE promises not to increase this price during the term of the contract. 

SSE also provides a ‘happiness guarantee’ for all its fixed-term broadband deals. This allows customers who are unhappy to exit the contract within 60 days and not pay any exit fees (early termination fees, currently set at 37p for each remaining day of the contract, apply after 60 days). 

SSE internet bundles

SSE offers a range of bundled deals, although these are only available to customers who pay by direct debit. Bundles bring savings on things like home energy and boiler cover, which can really add up for customers who also get their energy through SSE. All bundles have a minimum contract term of 12 months, and are available to both new and existing SSE customers.

SSE broadband and phone deals

Line rental is included as standard with any SSE broadband package. Customers who do not add a calling plan to their broadband deal will pay per call.

SSE currently offers three calling plans:

Evening and Weekend Calls

This plan includes calls to local and national landlines, as well as to UK mobile numbers which last up to 70 minutes. Calls must be placed during specific evening and weekend hours, which in November 2020 are set at 7pm to 7am on weekdays and 7pm Friday to midnight on Sunday at weekends. 

Anytime Calls

The Anytime Calls package includes local, national and UK mobile calls at any time of day, up to the 70-minute limit. 

Anytime Plus Calls

The Anytime Plus plan augments Anytime Calls with international calls to standard landlines in 35 countries including Australia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Norway, Poland and the USA. International calls are subject to a reasonable use policy, which presently stands at 500 minutes per month.

SSE Reward programme

As the official sponsor of the SSE Arena Wembley and SSE Hydro Glasgow venues, SSE offers its customers discounts on (and priority access to) tickets for events as part of its ‘SSE Reward’ programme. SSE broadband customers can also enjoy one-off competitions and prizes. 

SSE broadband router

All SSE broadband customers get a free wireless router, currently a Technicolor TG589vac. This is a dual band router, and while it will be fine for most households, customers are also free to buy their own (more sophisticated) router and use that with SSE broadband. 

SSE broadband installation process

SSE takes care of switching in most cases, although there may be an installation fee. Anyone who needs a new phone line installed will also pay a fee, though this is imposed by Openreach and applies to all broadband providers using the Openreach network. All SSE broadband deals include line rental in the monthly charge.

After you choose your package, SSE organises the switch from your current supplier and sends out all relevant documents. SSE will post you the wireless router, which you can plug in on the day of the switch for instant broadband access. If you choose to switch again before your contract has ended, you’ll need to return your router and pay a cancellation fee. 

There’s a one-time fee for installation if you’re a new SSE customer. Current installation times are roughly 18 days, though this will fluctuate with customer demand. Line rental is free, but if you need a new phone line installed this will also cost you another one-off charge of £60. That’s a standard fee imposed by Openreach, so you’d pay the same with any other Openreach-supported provider. 

SSE deals for existing customers 

Although there have been SSE deals for existing customers in the past, these are not currently available. However, you have the option of bundling together your energy and broadband services which can make managing bills more convenient. The installation fee is also waived for current SSE energy customers. 

SSE internet security

SSE broadband packages can include a subscription to the Net Intelligence Internet Security Suite for a low monthly add-on fee This includes antivirus security software to protect your home network from phishing, viruses or malware. It also includes parental controls so you can protect your kids from any unsavoury content. 

SSE broadband and TV packages

SSE doesn’t currently offer any TV and broadband packages, but its fibre broadband allows customers to stream ample HD and even ultra HD content from providers like Netflix and BritBox.

SSE customer support

SSE offers customer support seven days a week, and can be reached by phone, via the website or app, and on social media. Reviews of SSE customer support on Trustpilot are generally complimentary, with the company gaining an impressive score of 4.4. stars out of 5 at the time of writing.

Can I get SSE broadband in my area?

Most UK households should be able to get SSE broadband because it uses the Openreach network, which covers 95 per cent of the UK. The postcode checker on SSE’s website allows visitors to find out if they can get ADSL or fibre broadband from SSE.

Should I get SSE broadband?

For customers seeking unlimited broadband, and who aren’t particularly concerned with TV or entertainment options, it makes sense to consider SSE when comparing broadband deals.

SSE broadband prices are generally reasonable, while the fact prices are fixed for the entire contract makes budgeting easy. The SSE ‘happiness promise’, which allows broadband customers to leave their contract without penalty within the first 60 days, is unusual and reassuring in equal measure. And for SSE fuel customers, there are extra discounts to be obtained.

SSE fibre broadband speeds may not be as fast as some, and customers don’t have access to the same array of TV and entertainment options that bigger ISPs offer. Yet for anyone who wants decent, affordable broadband with good customer support, SSE internet could be a great option.

Last updated: 2 December 2020