XLN broadband deals

From its phonetic name to its focus on the SME market, XLN Telecom provides an unusual counterpoint to the usual telecom giants, aiming to deliver competitive deals on Wi-Fi. But how does it compare to its established rivals?

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XLN Unlimited Business Fibre Broadband & Unlimited UK Calls

6 months discounted Broadband
XLN Telecom
Contract length
Download limit
*average speed
£9.99 setup cost
6 months discounted Broadband

XLN Unlimited Business Broadband & Unlimited UK Calls

XLN Telecom
Contract length
Download limit
*average speed
£9.99 setup cost

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*The average download speed displayed in Mb is the speed available to 50% of customers with this product during peak time (between 8pm and 10pm). The actual speed you will get depends on a variety of factors such as your cabling, your area, how far you are from the telephone exchange as well as time of day. The majority of providers will tell you the speed you will likely receive when you begin your online sign up — this may differ from the average speed displayed on our table.

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XLN Broadband deals

XLN broadband services are carried along the Openreach fibre broadband and telephone network. Every package comes with free installation, business email provision and unlimited downloads, along with a few optional security features essential for small businesses.

As of March 2021, these are the packages offered to XLN customers:

XLN Unlimited broadband

Average speed: Up to 17Mbps

Using copper ADSL cables, the standard XLN Unlimited Broadband package promises speeds of up to 17Mbps for downloads, with upload speeds of up to 1Mbps. The former is faster than most people would expect from ADSL, though these are maximum speeds. They should be fine for a sole trader or home-based business, but any company with multiple staff working from one location would struggle to rely on ADSL-standard connectivity. 

XLN Fibre broadband

Average speed: Up to 76Mbps

For higher speeds, the XLN fibre package promises download speeds up to 76Mbps, while upload speeds can top 20Mbps depending on location and fibre optic availability. Superfast speeds are ideal for businesses that have multiple connected users in the same office, particularly firms reliant on the internet for streaming video or other data-intensive tasks. 

XLN broadband contracts

XLN broadband deals are 24-month contracts, typically discounted for the first 12 months. Be sure to average out the overall monthly cost when you’re comparing these contracts to those of competitors, and consider the ramifications of locking into broadband for a two-year period. 

XLN broadband security features

Some XLN broadband packages come with free online security software worth almost £100, which would benefit businesses keen to enjoy optimal protection against online threats. The XLN anti-virus and malware software includes features like:

    • 24-hour protection 

    • Firewall 

    • Spam control 

    • Online back-up storage

    • Secure web browsing

    • Secure online banking 

    • Anti-phishing

    • Automatic updates

    • PC parental controls

    • Identity protection.

XLN broadband and phone deals

As with the broadband packages, there are two tiers of XLN business broadband and phone deals to choose from. The first includes line rental with calls on a pay-as-you-go basis, while the other offers unlimited UK landline calls:

Pay as you go calls

You’ll pay a monthly fee for line rental, but it’s possible to retain an existing number. Calls are paid for as you make them, which may be a good fit if your business rarely uses a landline, and XLN claim their calls are 93 per cent cheaper than BT’s.

Unlimited broadband and calls

The XLN Unlimited Broadband and Calls deal is available across both ADSL and fibre optic connections. They also include unlimited calls to UK numbers, which is a better fit for businesses that spend a lot of time on the phone.

XLN broadband doesn’t offer any packages that include international calling, but you can add bundles of international minutes to your monthly package:

Standard international minutes

This includes 500 free minutes to 36 international destinations, including India, America and the whole of western Europe. 

Premium international minutes

The premium plan doubles the number of included countries to 72, and this plan can be acquired in multiples if you need to place a high volume of international calls. As with the Standard international minutes bundle, you’ll get 500 free minutes per month, while costs are twice as high as the Standard package.

XLN SIM-only deals

It’s possible to add an XLN mobile SIM card to your existing package. This combines free texts, free calls and half-price data, while allowing you to retain an existing mobile phone number. The contracts are only 30 days in length, which could make this useful for periods of intensive activity or in the temporary absence of a landline.

XLN Cloud Voice

Although this feature is separate to its broadband packages, XLN Cloud Voice packages are recommended by the ISP as convenient add-ons to its fibre services. They use a digital Voice over IP platform as an alternative to landline calling, supporting multiple users in an office. You can choose from pay-as-you-go or Cloud Voice Unlimited plans, both of which include smart features and free handsets. 

XLN Broadband: public Wi-Fi

All XLN fibre and broadband customers have the option of adding free public Wi-Fi to their packages for an added monthly charge. XLN runs an extensive free public Wi-Fi network throughout the UK, which is ideal for those who spend time travelling for work and need to access the internet on the go. XLN Wi-Fi has over four million registered users including 20,000 businesses, who can log in from 20,000 nationwide hotspots.

XLN business broadband installation

The process of switching over to XLN is painless, especially for new customers using ISPs on the Openreach network. XLN claims it takes about ten working days to switch an existing phone line over to XLN, with a fairly seamless switch.

If your office doesn’t already have a phone line installed, XLN can install it for you in exchange for an installation fee which adds to the cost of your package. Similarly, it’s possible to move a line from one office to another, providing you give a month’s notice. It should even be possible to keep your business number while moving to new premises. 

XLN Router 

All XLN business broadband packages come with a free wireless router for plug-and-play service. XLN claims their router is three times more powerful than a standard model, with an easy set-up process. Although the router is free, tracked delivery will cost around £10.

XLN broadband and TV

XLN doesn’t currently offer any broadband and TV bundles. As a provider for small businesses, it focuses on utilities, broadband and phone packages.

XLN for small businesses: customer support

XLN prides itself on customer service, with a UK-based support team promising to answer inbound calls in three rings. With an average connection waiting time of just six seconds (as of March 2021), the company also claims 90 per cent of customer issues are solved on the first call.

With an exclusive focus on small and medium enterprises, XLN offers specialist advice that more general broadband providers might not be able to rival. Its website has a help page, FAQ section, downloadable PDF guides and YouTube videos. 

Can I get XLN fibre broadband in my area?

Because it uses the BT Openreach network, it’s highly likely that XLN broadband is available in your postcode. Even if your business premises are in a rural or remote location not yet served by fibre broadband, ADSL broadband ought to be available. However, speeds may be lower in this instance, as we’ll discuss below.

What is the XLN broadband speed in my area?

You can expect similar speeds to other ISPs using the Openreach network, but exact speeds will fluctuate depending on everything from location and time of day to the weather forecast. Treat quoted averages as a rule of thumb before using a broadband speed checker tool to see what’s available locally and how XLN might measure up. 

XLN doesn’t have a clear traffic management policy on its website, so it’s unclear if the ISP manages transmission speed during periods of high traffic. This could lead to slightly slower speeds during peak periods, though the difference is unlikely to be dramatic. 

Should I get XLN business broadband?

Is XLN broadband right for your business? In terms of value for money, the company is hard to beat. It offers affordable prices, though monthly charges will rise after any introductory 12-month offer has expired. There’s a wide range of packages, services and add-ons to choose from, allowing new customers to tailor a contract around their specific needs.

Extras like online security bolster the company’s appeal among small businesses, especially for companies dealing with sensitive information, and these services are free with certain XLN bundles. There are also 30-day mobile SIM card contracts and a UK-wide public Wi-Fi network, keeping people connected while away from the office. 

A UK-based support team represents another benefit of XLN, with most customer issues resolved quickly and satisfactorily. However, if your business has more complex needs or regularly transmits high-volume files over the internet, it’s worth clarifying their traffic management policy. There aren’t many added bonuses or extras with these budget-friendly plans, but for no-frills broadband, XLN represents a good choice.