Car insurance guides

Our guides cover a range of subjects that will help you understand how car insurance works, how to choose your policy excess, when you can claim and what is required of you legally to stay insured.


What is caravan insurance and what does it cover?

Caravan insurance can protect your caravan in the event of an accident or theft. Read on to find out how it works and how to get the right policy to cover your caravan.

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Roadside attractions header

The USA's greatest roadside attractions

Our car insurance experts reveal the weird and wonderful attractions to stop at during your next roadtrip across the United States of America.

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How couples can save more money on car insurance than singletons

If you're part of a couple you can sometimes save significant amount on your car insurance - this is how being married, in a civil partnership or even just cohabiting with a significant other can result in a cheaper car insurance quote

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Meta image for Driving Attraction

Hot wheels; revealing which cars improve your chances of a swipe right

Our car insurance experts reveal which make and model increase your curb appeal on Tinder.

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Disabled driver, woman, wheelchair

Disabled drivers' car insurance rules explained

How does having a disability impact what you pay for insurance and are there any financial benefits or services available to help? We explain all

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The Delorian reimagined

Cars of the green screen unveiled

Our car insurance experts have reimagined classic cars from the silver screen, bringing the old fuel guzzlers right up to date with a green screen eco makeover.

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Pride of place campaign meta image

Pride of place: car product placement in film and TV

The most advertised cars in film and TV and the most valuable product placement deals

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EV University header image

The EV University league

From EV charging points, the cost to charge to the number of EV parking spaces available on campus, the EV University league from reveals which institutions provide the most support for green transport.

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What is skid pan training?

Skidpan training boosts your driving skills and odds of avoiding a crash.

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How does gap insurance work?

If you have bought a new car, a gap insurance policy can cover the loss in value if your vehicle is written off. Here is how gap insurance works.

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How driving an electric vehicle can save you money

Driving an electric vehicle is a great option for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint. However, it can also be a great option if you are hoping to keep your driving costs low.

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Car insurance experts reveal which country music stars love their trucks the most

Car insurance experts at explore the relationship between country music and trucks over the past 50 years.

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