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Caravan insurance

You could get cover for your caravan and its belongings with caravan insurance. Find policy features like accidental damage, new for old contents cover or breakdown insurance to protect your caravan.

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Last updated: 7 December, 2020

What is caravan insurance?

Caravan insurance is a way to protect your caravan and its contents. You can protect it against accidental damage, vandalism and theft.

Every policy comes with different features, such as for old contents cover or breakdown insurance. So think about the best way to protect your caravan, compare quotes, and read caravan insurance reviews before you go ahead.

Doing your research is important if you’re going to find the best caravan insurance for your needs.

There are lots of different types, so what’s the best caravan insurance to get?

Before you can find the best caravan insurance, UK wide, for your needs, you need to work out first what type of caravan insurance you need.

The caravan insurance policy you need will depend on what type of caravan you own.

These are the types:

    Here’s more about the different types of caravan insurance.

    How to find the best caravan insurance, UK wide

    Once you know which type of insurance you need, you can start thinking about what cover you want. They all come with different features and it’s important to find the best caravan insurance for your needs.

    Most caravan insurance policies cover:

      Some policies offer new for old cover. This means your caravan or contents will be replaced with a new, equivalent model if they’re destroyed or stolen. You’ll have to decide how important it is to you to replace your caravan or belongings with a new, equivalent model. This is the more expensive type of insurance. And you might find you can’t get it at all if your caravan’s too old or has done too many miles.

      Other policies offer market value cover. This means that if your caravan was ruined in some way, your insurance provider would pay out the current value of your caravan. This type of insurance is cheaper than new for old cover. You might find it’s the only type of insurance you can get for an older caravan. The downside is that even if your caravan was brand new when you bought it, if it was written off, you’d only get enough of a payout to buy a second-hand one.

      Are there any optional extras you can get with caravan insurance?

      You can also add optional extras to your caravan insurance policy including:

        Here’s more information on what caravan insurance covers

        Cut the cost of your caravan insurance policy

        You could get cheaper caravan insurance by:

          The best way to get cheaper caravan insurance is to compare quotes from as many insurers as possible.

          But finding cheap insurance should never be your only goal. It’s more important to find an insurance policy that meets your needs, gives you enough cover and has good caravan insurance reviews.

          Where can I read caravan insurance reviews?

          If you’re looking for caravan insurance, it’s a good idea to read some of the caravan insurance reviews out there.

          With a bit of research, you should be able to find caravan insurance reviews online for the policy or provider you’re looking at.

          A good place to start is Defaqto. You won’t find customer reviews on Defaqto. But its experts rate insurance products, giving between one and five stars depending on how comprehensive a policy is.

          You could then look on Trustpilot and Feefo. Customers are invited to share their experiences and give caravan insurance reviews and ratings on these sites.

          Does even the very best caravan insurance come with exclusions?

          Unfortunately, yes. Even the very best caravan insurance will have exclusions.

          For example, you might not be covered for:

            What information do I need to share to get caravan insurance?

            It’s not complex to arrange caravan insurance. Generally, insurers will want to know:

              Caravan insurance FAQs

              It is not a legal requirement to insure your caravan, unless it is motorised. However, it could save you an expensive bill if anything goes wrong.

              Yes, most policies include cover for the contents of your caravan. Work out how much your contents are worth so you know how much cover you need.

              It might, but it may only cover third party damage.

              Some insurers offer European cover for a set number of days each year, but may charge you extra to add it to your policy.

              Yes, you have to pay an excess, which is a set amount you have to pay towards the cost of any claim you make.

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