TopDogs: The Most Watched Dogs on TikTok

To date, TikTok videos that are tagged with #dog have been watched over 120 BILLION times. Furry friends and social media are the ulti-mutt match made in heaven, and the TikTok platform has allowed for an explosion in one of the internet’s favourite commodities – cute dog videos. But which picture-perfect pup is creating the most popular videos? We were keen to find out which breed would be crowned top dog of TikTok?
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Our study looked at the number of TikTok views clocked up for videos tagged with 100 different dog breed names, from Sproodle to Borzoi, Greyhound to Samoyed. We also took a look at some of the most popular dog accounts on TikTok to see how much our favourite canine influencers could be earning for their screen time.

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The most watched dog breed on TikTok

There is a clear leader of the pack when it comes to which doggies are clocking up the most TikTok views. One breed is way out in front as the most camera-ready canine, but the top 12 breeds have all clocked up over 1 billion views, and counting!

The Golden Retriever takes the biscuit as the most watched dog breed on TikTok with 9.2 billion views, that’s nearly 5 billion views more than the second most popular TikTok dog, German Shepherds.

In third place, the Chihuahua takes bronze as TikTok’s most popular dog, beating Pugs, Poodles and Pomeranians.

Canine cash: Dog influencer earnings on TikTok

With so many people turning to TikTok for their dog-fix, we took a look at some of the most popular dog accounts on the platform who’ve amassed millions of likes or followers.

We’ve taken 15 accounts that feature the most popular dog breeds on TikTok and used an earnings calculator to discover how much the pups could be bringing home. The world’s most famous Pomeranian, Jiffpom, has over 20 million followers and could be earning over $12,000 a post! Whereas dogs with around 200,000 followers will average around $100-150 per post. 

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Top dogs viewed the most on TikTok list was compiled by looking at the number of views as listed on TikTok for videos with the relevant breed hashtag.

‘Boxer’ was removed from the list, as although a popular hashtag for the dog videos, the hashtag views including videos related to the boxing sport.

Estimated earnings of doggy influencers were calculated using Influencer Marketing Hub’s TikTok earnings calculator.

All data correct as of April 2021.

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