How to claim on your excess insurance

If you have to pay to make a claim, excess insurance could help you recover the cost. Here is how to make a claim on your excess insurance policy.

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Check you are covered

You can claim back the cost of compulsory and voluntary excesses, but you should check:

    You can only claim for excesses paid on policies in your name. This means you could not claim for an excess if it is paid on a policy in your partner's name.

    Here is more information about what is covered by excess insurance

    When can you claim?

    Most policies include a 14-day waiting period, but some are longer. This means that any claims made before the end of this period will not be paid.

    Make your claim

    Do this as soon as possible. Most insurers will not pay out if you wait more than 31 days to recover your excess after your primary claim.

      Ask your insurer how long you can expect to wait for your claim to be settled. Most aim to have your claim paid within 15 working days of you sending the required documents.

      What you need to provide

      When you submit your claims form, most insurers will also ask you to send:

        Check what supporting information you need to send to your insurer when you contact them to make your claim. This will help them process your claim as quickly as possible.

        Does it cost to claim?

        No, unlike most other types of insurance, you do not have to pay to claim on an excess insurance policy.

        How are claims paid?

        Most insurers pay the cost of your excess straight into your bank account, so you will need to give them your:

          If your excess insurance is for hire car cover, the credit or debit card that your excess was taken from will be refunded.

          What if your claim is rejected?

          If your insurer will not pay your claim, check your policy documents to see if the reason it has been rejected is explained.

          You should then speak to your insurer and ask for a written explanation. If you are still unhappy, you should complain to your insurer in writing.

          If they have not resolved your complaint within 8 weeks, you can refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service.