You can get insurance to cover the high excess on your van hire agreement in two ways:

  1. 1.

    Buy cover from the van hire company: They may offer you a policy when you hire a vehicle, although this is usually the most expensive option.

  2. 2.

    Shop around: This will help you find a policy at the best price. However, you should check that this does not break the terms of your hire agreement first.

Pick your cover limit

You will need to pick a cover limit before you take out a policy. This is the maximum amount an insurer will pay for your van hire excess.

Rental companies usually apply an excess of up to £1,000 when you hire a van, but this may be higher if you insure more than one driver.

This means you have to pay for the first £1,000 of damage to the van while it is in your care, even if it is not your fault. For example, if you park at a supermarket and a trolley scratches the paintwork.

Excess insurance will cover this cost, as long as you choose a policy that matches the excess on your hire agreement. If the excess is higher than your cover limit, you cannot claim.